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The bulk of the mainstream media, private businesses and many politicians frequently seek to attack the humanities, suggesting that they are “useless” and “pointless”. So, what is the place of a liberal education and cultural awareness within a global capitalist system that prioritises, and seeks to measure, the economic value of everything?

Join this panel of experts from several Humanities disciplines for this debate on Why the Humanities Matter. All welcome.

Chaired by Dr Sharon Ouditt, Head of English, Communications and Philosophy

Speakers include:

  • Dr Andy Gritt, Head of History, Languages and Global Culture
  • Dr Concha Hofler, Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Communication
  • Dr Stephanie Palmer, Senior Lecture in English
  • Dr Pete Smith, Associate Professor in English
  • Dr Neil Turnbull, Principal Lecturer in Philosophy
  • Dr Jenny Woodley, Senior Lecturer in History

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