Our Campuses

NTU is split across four main sites:

Meeting Places

Each of our events has a meeting place. Some even have two or three, allowing you to choose the most convenient location. If you want to attend any of the events, go along to the meeting place at the specified time – here, you’ll find Freshers’ team members, Welcome staff or current students, who‘ll be leading the trip. If your event takes place at a venue that differs from the meeting place, the trip leaders will help to gather your group together and take you to the event venue.

Travelling Between Clifton Campus And City Campus

During term-time, Nottingham City Transport operates the Go2 Uni 4 bus service between our City and Clifton campuses. The bus runs Monday—Friday, starting on 23 September (the first Monday of Welcome 2019).

You can also catch Navy Line 1, which stops on Clifton Lane near the Main Gate to Clifton Campus, and drops you off in the Market Square – the heart of the city centre. This service runs on weekdays and weekends, and also operates outside of term-time. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

Tickets cost £2.30 each way or £4.20 for an all-day ticket – and you’ll need the exact fare, as bus drivers don’t give change. Visit www.nctx.co.ukfor timetables and route maps.


Travelling between Brackenhurst campus and City campus

Brackenhurst Campus is connected to Nottingham city centre by the Nottingham City Transport Pathfinder 100 bus service, which runs year round. It departs from the top of King Street (just off the Market Square) and drops you off on the main road outside Brackenhurst Campus. This journey takes about 40 minutes. Again, visit www.nctx.co.ukfor timetables and route maps.