• Cost: This event is free
  • Ticketing info: No ticket required

Attending the law jobs fair on 19th January? Make the most of the fair by getting prepared with our online session.

You will find out more about:

  • The Fair – who will be there, what they are looking for and what’s in it for you
  • Before – what to research and how to prepare yourself
  • During – questions to ask, what is on offer and what to try and avoid
  • After – what to do after the fair to make the most of the experience

This event is open to all students who are attending the fair and there’s no need to book- you can find out more here

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Being organised is vital. Although that’s such a simple tip which I’m sure you will have been told time and time again it really does pay off.

Lisan Hemstock, LLB Law (Hons) Full Time
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