What was Welcome Week like for you?

As a local student to Nottingham my Welcome and University experience was rather different to those who live in halls. For me it was a great opportunity to meet my course mates and mix with those who are in the same situation as me and for me that was being a commuter.

What are your top tips for new students?

  • Law can be very content heavy and difficult to navigate through notes etc at the end of each term. By separating different topics your life is made far easier in an instant.
  • Being organised is vital. Although that’s such a simple tip which I’m sure you will have been told time and time again it really does pay off.

What events would you recommend?

I would highly recommend the “not in halls” event before Welcome. It really benefitted me by opening my eyes to the fact that I was not the only one living at home, that University life is what you make it and living at home should not affect that.