What was Welcome Week like for you?

“Welcome was a really busy time with a lot to take in! I was in University for the majority of the day, learning about the course content and academic support offered by the University. We had a really good talk from a current master’s student who gave us tips for succeeding in the year.”

“As the course was very international and diverse, we had course social events, such as a barbecue and a course induction activity which required us to get out and about around the city, which helped break down barriers. I did not necessarily do the nights out, as it seemed to be mainly first years and I had already been in Nottingham for a few years.”

What are your top tips for new students?

  • I would strongly suggest finding out about the support that the University offer throughout the year, such as the employability team and library. It may seem silly learning about this early on, but with the intensity of a masters course being prepared and knowing where to turn to for career advice and CV writing is a must.
  • Hearing from current postgraduate students or recent alumni can be a real motivator, so look out for events that offer that opportunity.

What events would you recommend?

  • Attend your course induction events to meet others on your course.
  • Look out for events targeted at postgraduate students for the chance to meet postgraduates from across the University.
  • Go along to the Postgraduate Barbecue; it was a very good chance to mix and loads of people attended.