What was Welcome Week like for you?

“I found my Welcome a bit nerve-wracking. I lived in a studio by myself in the private rented sector, and found it hard to find people I could attend the events I was interested in with. I went along to a few events with different people I met in my accommodation, but I rarely went to events if I had no one to go with.  I really enjoyed the events I did go to and met a lot of different people!”

What are your top tips for new students?

  • Attend different events regardless of whether you have someone to go with you; you might miss out on a great opportunity if you don’t!
  • Contact other people through the Trent Freshers and Not In Halls Facebook groups – lots of people are in the same situation and everyone is helpful.
  • Make your own commuting / not living in halls group chat and make plans to attend events with others.

What events would you recommend?

  • Sports tasters: A great opportunity to meet new people and try out different sports you’ve never tried before or could enjoy with no commitment.
  • Freshers’ Fair :There’s a lot of freebies and the atmosphere is amazing.
  • Freshers’ nights out: Perfect time to party as much as you want without the consequences of missing uni etc., and depending on your course, it might be the most partying you do for the rest of the year.
  • Language tasters: A chance to learn a language alongside your degree.