• Cost: There is a set ticket price
  • Price: £10
  • Ticketing info: Advance booking
  • Campus: City Campus

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Come and feast with us at one of Nottingham’s finest all-you-can-eat restaurants. It’s a great way to meet other students in a relaxed, informal setting. Group sizes are limited, so to secure a place on this event you must book in advance.

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£10 will cover the cost of the all you can eat buffet, please bring extra money for drinks.

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We're sorry. There are no events of this type available.

My top tip for you is to talk to anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter who you talk to, just talk, get yourself out there. There's a chance that you'll make a friend for life, someone who you'll go on adventures with or someone you may not see again after Welcome, but you won't regret speaking to them. There are people from all over at University, you cannot even begin to imagine the conversations you'll have!

Blessing Ayenge, BA (Hons) German and Linguistics
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