The five steps to happiness in your new world

If this crazy year’s taught us anything, it’s good life habits. So here are some tips on adjusting to uni… and some of the Welcome 2020 events that’ll help you settle in.

Keep connected. Don’t hide away – everybody’s in the same boat! Whether you’re ready to start exploring or just looking for some entertainment between your own four walls, there are loads of opportunities to meet new people – both online and in person.

Stay active. Regular physical exercise goes hand in hand with your wellbeing. We’re running tonnes of events with your health and fitness in mind: from “Play for Fun” sessions, to sports club trials and tasters, to simple cycle tours. Pick up a discounted NTU gym membership, too.

Take your time. Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword – it’s the strategy for happiness. Take things at your own pace, and let yourself breathe. You can join us for a stroll around campus to find out more about your new home, do a bit of yoga, or hook up with our small and friendly programme to avoid the crowds.

Learn, wherever you can. Self-development is self-care, and it isn’t restricted to the classroom. You can get a head-start on the skills you’ll need to succeed by checking out some of our online sessions – and why not try something brand new, too, like a sport, instrument or language? They’re great icebreakers, and they’ll all open doors for you.

Give. Help others, and you’ll help yourself – random acts of kindness really do go a long way. From day one, you’ll have loads of opportunities to give something back: from NTU Sustainability’s daily sessions, to our Volunteering and Students in Classrooms schemes. Be what the world needs, and get involved!