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Are you finding it hard to feel positive about your future career?  Would you like to increase your confidence in the recruitment process or deal better with setbacks?

Led by Chris Jones Employability Manager, this session aims to introduce you to key aspects of resilience in relation to your employability. Throughout the session you will discover strategies to help you feel more positive, motivated and reassured about the support available to you.

The session will cover:

  • Different aspects of confidence and resilience in relation to your career
  • Resilient thinking: normalising setbacks, growth mind-set and changing your thought processes
  • Building on strengths: identify your key achievements and strengths
  • Coping strategies: advice for common career challenges
  • Your support network and how we can help

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Being organised is vital. Although that’s such a simple tip which I’m sure you will have been told time and time again it really does pay off.

Lisan Hemstock, LLB Law (Hons) Full Time
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