Sport at NTU means something for everyone: from casual and beginners’ classes, to clubs, competitions and training. We help everybody shine, from amateurs to athletes – so whether you’re looking to test yourself against the best, or just find your way around a chest press, we’ve got you covered. In a place where opportunities are everything, you don’t have to be great – you just have to be willing!

Due to current government guidance we have reduced our offer to align with COVID regulations. Some of the sports, fitness and exercise highlights we have on offer include:

  • A full schedule of virtual exercise classes .
  • NTU Moves is a free platform which rewards you for staying active. Whether you’re walking, running, cycling or swimming, you can earn points from just moving. All you have to do is sign in using your NTU Email and connect a fitness tracker. This can be a wearable tracker or an app on your phone. A range of fitness challenges are posted within groups as well as globally, for users to join. Points gained from staying active and completing challenges, can be redeemed for rewards such as NTU Merchandise. You can also redeem your points and make charitable donations. NTU Moves will encourage and reward you, in your journey to stay active. To sign up or find out more about NTU Moves visit our website  or type in Moves+ into the app store.
  • NTU has 60 sports clubs, which open their arms to every level of ability. Currently all club activity is suspended however many clubs will welcome new members when activity can resume. Please visit our website to see which clubs you could join.
  • NTU’s Sports Volunteering opportunities – a great way to support your local community by doing something you really love.

The NTU Sport App can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store. If you are having difficulty in accessing the NTU Sport App, please email us. You will need your Member ID to create your account, which can be found in the ‘Create New or Reset Password’ email.