Congratulations. Just by enrolling at NTU, you’ll automatically become a member of one of the UK’s best and biggest students’ unions.

To help welcome you to university, Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (aka NTSU) run a huge programme of events in venues across Nottingham, from the biggest and most iconic nightclubs to hidden bars and relaxing hangouts. So, whether you want to experience club nights with thousands of other Trent students, watch live music, connect with new friends over cocktails, experience a magical outdoor cinema, or get a taste of Nottingham’s vast nightlife, NTSU have you covered.

Your Students’ Union is about so much more than just events and entertainment. It is here to help you make the most of life inside and outside of lectures. Here’s a brief rundown of what else we offer you:

We have opportunities that give you the chance to be a part of something more, including our one-off Give it a Go events and over 120 societies you can join. They’re a great way to meet like-minded students, follow your passion, and experience new things.

You have the power to change things while you’re at NTU, but doing it on your own can be difficult. That’s why we offer representation for all NTU students. By talking to your elected officers, joining one of our E&D networks, sending us a Big Idea, or reaching out to your Course Rep, you can use NTSU’s influence to make changes on your behalf and get the most out of being at NTU.

Your time at NTU will be an amazing experience, but if things ever get tough, our free advice service is here to offer guidance on everything from academic matters to mental health.

And, of course, we have buildings with bars, diners, and coffee shops at CityClifton, and Brackenhurst, so pop in and say hello.

For more information on how your Students’ Union can enhance your time at NTU, visit

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