Freshers’ Fairs

There’s no better way to find a new interest or rediscover an old one than at our Freshers’ Fairs.

They take place across our three main campuses – City, Clifton and Brackenhurst – during Welcome 2019, bringing hundreds of events and activities under one roof. From restaurants and popular venues across the city to societies, sports clubs and important University services, they’re a chance for you to find out more about what life as an NTU student has to offer.

Plus, they’re an opportunity for you to get your hands on exclusive discounts and freebies – so don’t miss out!

Freshers’ Fair dates: 

Monday 23 September – Brackenhurst Freshers’ Fair

Tuesday 24 September – Clifton Freshers’ Fair

Wednesday 25 September – City Freshers’ Fair – Sports

Thursday 26 September – City Freshers’ Fair – Societies

There is priority entry for people with any accessibility requirements, before each fair opens its doors. During this early opening time the fair will be relatively quiet with no loud music, flashing lights or crowds. See the individual event listings for details.