Welcome to NTU

You’ve come through more than most to be here, so we want to give you the best possible introduction to uni life. Covering ten days and nights — and hundreds of events along the way — Welcome 2022 is the perfect start to your NTU adventure. It is all about making connections, taking opportunities and embracing the chance to meet new people and try new things.

There are so many events and activities to choose from and we’re adding new ones all the time, so keep checking back to take a look at what’s on offer for your Welcome 2022. Just be sure that the events you sign up for fit around your course induction timetable and you’ll be good to go!


Welcome to Nottingham

Whether you’re new to Nottingham or a local, you’re about to join an energetic community of more than 60,000 students. This is a community and a city that is proud to be built on the values of diversity, dignity, and respect.

You’ll find it all here. Nottingham is a place where big-city life meets a relaxed vibe, and huge chains rub shoulders with thriving independents. From peaceful parks to booming nights, Nottingham’s streets and people will always urge you to try something new.




Follow the official NTU social channels for all the latest events and behind the scenes activity, and be sure to share you’re own Welcome 2022 story using #helloNTU.

Connect with your peers

If you find yourself in need of some advice — or you’ve got a question — you can get chatting with some of our current students before you even arrive. Scroll and click ‘See more students’ to search the profiles of our friendly students (and staff), and to find the right person to suit your level of study or course areas. Happy chatting!